Frequently Asked Questions

What's an average day in Game's Club consist of?

Every weekday we meet at 3:00pm to gather the members of the group. Then we head to a classroom with computers to play the game of that day. We play from that time to 5:00pm.

How is it decided what games students play?

The games we play are all decided by the group after being run through the proper administrative staff as well as the club founders. All games are rated T (for teens) or below.

Who moniters the club during operating hours?

In almost every case, our head IT technician Jeff Nuttall moniters the club. However when Jeff is unavalible, we have a campus Supervisor moniter the club. In all cases the club is closely watched by a trained staff.

Who are the students allowed to play games with?

Students are allowed to play and communicate only with other group members. No one in the group is able to play with players other than the other group members at DRA.

What are the requirments to join the club?

In order for a student to be eligible to join the club they must be on track in all classes, have few RFI incidents, good standing with other students, and have no ulterior motives as decided by the club president and founder.

How many students are there in the club?

Currently we can have a total of 10 students in the club at once. Due to the number of computers we have as well as a limited number of certified staff to moniter the club.

Who moniters and updates this website?

The president of the club David runs and updates this website.

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