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Welcome to the DRA Game Club website. Here you can find out all about what's going on during club hours, and see some of the cool things students are doing!

Here on the right is a picture of the game we're currently playing! It's a creative building game called Minecraft! Look under the "Games We Play" tab on the right to learn more about it, and to find a link to Minecraft's website.

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How We Came To Be and Why We're Different This club was founded by a pair of students here at Diamond Ranch Academy, by the names of David and Bryce. Their goal was to work closely with the school's Executive Director, Ricky Dias, and the school's head computer technician Jeff Nuttall, to start a club where students with a passion for computers and gaming could spend some time doing something they really enjoy. Not only did they achieve their objective but exceeded it, making plans to make the club a project for leadership development and managment. By learning how to manage and meet the needs and wants of each student in the club the leaders of the group learn valuable communication skills that will benifit them later in life. Now I would like to introduce myself, I'm David, the president and co-founder of this awesome new club. Just one part of the project side of this club is what you're reading and experiencing right now. The website you're viewing right now was written line by line, character by character by myself. I have a passion for computers and I thoguht that a student made and run website would add an element of uniquity to the club, that would set us apart from other clubs here at DRA as well as any other club in the country.
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